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Party Squasher


This is a fascinating product that I recently discovered. We don't use it because we live at our VR property. So impromptu parties are not a concern.  However, if we ever considered renting from a distance we would never be without this amazing tool.

Party Squasher helps homeowners and property managers keep control of their home by counting the number of mobile devices inside.

During set up, indicate the size of your home (small, medium or large) and the number of detected devices that should trigger an alert. We’ll text you, should your custom threshold be reached. The privacy of your guests is a priority. Good! Party Squasher does not collect or store any private info about them.
This price includes the premium* plan for the first year. The subscription includes SMS Alerts and a 7-day historical view, showing the device trends in 1 hour increments. After 1 year, don’t worry, your mobile app still works and you’ll get push notifications and/or email alerts to tell you if the guest count passes the limit that you’ve set. Decide later- we won’t auto-bill you!

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