Hotel Quality - Vacation Rental Supplies
  • 2-3 STAR Hotel Sheets - Dorm & Camp


    Easy care, percale white hotel sheets.  T200, 50% cotton, 50% polyester. 

    Inexpensive at under $65 per queen set (for comparison only - we sell piecemeal).

    Lightweight yet durable, quick drying for easy turn-over.

    Although we use the T250 at our Vacation Rental. We still recommend this lighter weight product as a good less expensive alternative. This would be a sheet typically found at a 2-3 star motel, camps, or even student dorms.

    Fitted sheets have elastic all the way around and all hems are 2". 

    TIP: You can mix and match, stick to T250 for the pillowcases. Some hotels will buy T200 fitted, then go with T250 for the flat top sheet and pillowcase. Noting, it is generally the fitted that needs to be replaced more often.