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3 Chamber Shower Dispenser


NOTE: add 5 days for delivery

Consider offering shower soaps in a more economical way. 

We tried a few different shower soap dispensers and preferred this model. 

Installation was simple, no screws or holes in your tile. This comes with a quality adhesive system and the chambers are lockable.

Easy to wipe down and keep clean. Easy to refill. Once installed then you can buy soap in bulk at a fraction of the cost. 

Easier and at turn-over as well.

Tips: Yes this unit is on the pricy side. But we preferred the extra hotel grade quality. If you do buy elsewhere here's what to consider. Easy to clean, smooth surfaces - Are you ok with screwing holes in your tiles? Lockable? 

Took awhile to prime the thicker liquids. Be sure to prime it BEFORE your guests arrive or they'll think it's clogged.