Hotel Quality - Vacation Rental Supplies

As you may have noticed we built this site specifically for BNB hosts & managers. Our objective is to give smaller hospitality operators access to a commercial hotel supply chain through our wholesale warehouse that sells in bulk to hotels and has done so for over 3 decades.

Hotel buyers demand a range of products that are consistently available, easy to replenish, designed for quick guest turn-over, able to handle commercial laundering and so on. Hotels rely on us to be well stocked and maintain consistent specifications when substitutes are necessary.

VR Supplies has certainly found its niche within the fast growing BNB, VR and STR market. Property managers and cleaners in particular appreciate it when property owners move in this direction. As it makes their work much easier. 

Important to note: While wearing ones home-owner hat, it's very much about personal preference.  Whereas a property manager or hands-on experienced hosts are thinking about the business of accommodating guests as efficiently as possible with as few issues as possible.