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Why VR Supplies?

VR Supplies was created by Vacation Rental Property owners for Vacation Rental Property owners. 

  • One shipment, one source, all from our one specialized warehouse (eliminating multiple deliveries & excess packaging)
  • No account set up, just start shopping
  • Commercial grade, hospitality & restaurant products
  • Small pack sizes - packaged specifically for VR Hosts
  • Competitive wholesale pricing 
  • Focussed and specialized
  • Products have been "Vacation Rental Tested"
  • Shop like a hotelier

Why We Got Started

Once Tim and I (Lynne Arbuthnot) opened our own home to guests (see our listing), it didn't take long before learning to appreciate why hotels use white sheets and towels.  

First of all, travellers expect a clean fresh look. Secondly, they’re easy to manage and maintain.

Next, we discovered that buying hotel supplies sheets and towels or hospitality amenities was easier said than done. Partly because you must often buy in bulk, but mostly because there is so much to choose from, from so many different suppliers.

"I found it to be a tremendous amount of information to wade through."

As well, product, particularly linens, can vary greatly in quality from one supplier to the next. Moreover, and understandably so, many of these companies are geared to commercial buyers, often making it difficult to accommodate the distinct needs of the typical homeowner. Hence, we started

We've not only sourced and researched the best buys; all products are tested in our own vacation rental. We continually search for; better quality, the best price, and a better look; ultimately a better outcome for us and our guests.

"We work hard to keep the process as basic and as simple as possible, allowing you to focus on your guests."

Our online store has been carefully designed to present a basic inventory of "what we recommend". Additionally, if you are looking for more, simply pick up the phone or send an email, and we can either point you in the right direction, or do your buying for you.

So if you have decided to rent a room from time to time, or have a unit or home available as a seasonal vacation rental, then again you may just want a highly functional guest room. We can assure you, there are no better options than using as your "go to" supplier. 


"Our goal is to make it easy for you to provision your vacation rental with exactly what you need, when you need it. Let us take the guesswork away."